Architecture interior + exterior

Finally finished shooting this architecture assignment. Three days of pre-shooting/location scouting, main shooting and after-shooting. The client was great for making the necessary arrangements to let the shooting go smoothly.


BeijingKids November issue

Photos published in BeijingKids magazine November issue


Announcement Posters

Announcement poster for a musical art exhibition. A fun day shooting these two artists!


798 Art District Beijing

Assignment at Beijing 798 Art District. Shooting before the visitors came in! This time I did not manually click-remove anyone :)


School Sports Day

I love to see kids doing sports and I love black and white, a wonderful day!


BeijingKids September issue

Photos published in BeijingKids magazine September issue


Monaco post stamp

Sold a photo to the city-state of Monaco this year for the production of the official stamp commemorating the major exhibition event "The Forbidden City in Monaco". Finally received the stamp today :)


Beauty of the Erasmus bridge

Whether by day or by night… The Erasmus bridge in The Netherlands shines!